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"Francesca's work is beyond brilliant!
We worked with her on a complex packaging design and she did a wonderful job at bringing our crazy idea to life, and done it beautifully.
She's extremely patient, smart, and fast to deliver. She also has amazing attention to details. I would definitely recommend working with her if you're looking for a skilled designer. All the team was impressed with what she did :)"

Yasmina B.
"Francesca is an extremely proactive, reliable and creative professional. Developing a new visual identity for a food brand, she delivered a wide range of options, far more than requested, and all matching the briefing.
Very pleasant to work with, I definitely recommend her for your designs projects."

Lorenzo B.
"One of the best freelancers I have ever worked with. Highly recommend. Francesca is one of the best contractors I have worked with on Upwork. I hired her to do one small box design project and ended up using her to redesign all of our packaging and some of our brand books.
She has a great ability to bring a vision to life. I will certainly be using her again. Highly recommend! Don't hesitate - hire her!"

Kelly M.


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Our journey with Woodenhouse, a renowned wooden kitchen utensil company, has been a creative exploration that has yielded a collection of 25 packaging designs.

In each package, we have captured the essence of Woodenhouse’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and timeless design. Each design harmonizes natural wood textures with modern design elements, reflecting the brand’s dedication to blending tradition with contemporary elegance.

From utensil sets to individual pieces, each box tells a story of craftsmanship, echoing the pride and passion that Woodenhouse infuses into every creation.The color palette chosen resonates with the warmth and authenticity of wood, creating a sense of welcome and genuineness. The design is clean yet inviting, celebrating the simple joys of cooking with finely crafted wooden utensils.

Our packaging not only enhances the overall user experience but also elevates the Woodenhouse brand to new heights of distinction.

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